The ARS 2018 International Rhododendron Conference in Europe

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Overall Description of the Conference

The 2018 ARS Conference will be hosted by the Deutsche Rhododendron Gesellschaft (DRG) in Bremen, Germany. There will be 3 optional tours before the Conference and one optional tour after the Conference. The first pre-tour in the Netherlands will be hosted by the Dutch Chapter of the ARS. It will start on Monday, May 7, 2018, in Amsterdam. The second pre-tour in Germany will be hosted by the DRG. The third pre-tour in Denmark and Sweden will be hosted by the Danish and Swedish Chapters. The post-tour in Finland will be hosted by the Finnish Chapter. The tours and Conference are designed to work together as one continuous trip with 4 options on where to start and 2 options on where to finish. See the other tabs on this website to learn more about the tour packages, the tour gardens, the hotels, the speakers and registration.

  • 1st Pre-Tour:  May 7 to May 12, 2018, Netherlands: starting in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and visiting Dutch Gardens including Keukenhof Gardens. It will be hosted by the Dutch Chapter of the ARS.
  • 2nd Pre-Tour:  May 12 to May 14, 2018, Germany: connecting in Bremen, Germany, and visiting RHODO 2018 Rhododendron Festival in Westerstede, Germany and the famous Hobbie Rhododendron-Park on May 13. On May 14 we will visit Hachmann Nursery in Barmstedt in the morning. It will be hosted by the DRG.
  • 3rd Pre-Tour:  May 13* to May 20, 2018, Denmark & Sweden: starting in Bremen and visiting public & private gardens in Denmark & Sweden. In the afternoon of May 14 we will cross the border into Denmark and visit the first of many private gardens in Denmark and South Sweden. It will be hosted by the Danish and Swedish Chapters of the ARS.
    *Note, this tour starts with an overnight in Bremen on the 13th before leaving for Denmark on the 14th with a stop at Hachmann's Nursery enroute.
  • Conference:  6-day Conference in Bremen, Germany, from May 21 to 26, 2018, including 3 tour days. It will consist of tours of German gardens, programs by an international array of speakers, and the annual meetings of both the ARS and the DRG. It will be hosted by the DRG.
  • Post-Tour:  May 27 to May 31, Finland: starting in Bremen, Germany, and visiting gardens in Finland. This tour includes train from Bremen to Hamburg, air from Hamburg to Helsinki, and hotels and travel in Finland. This tour ends in Helsinki on the morning of May 31. Participants must book their own travel plans from Helsinki. It will be hosted by the Finnish Chapter of the ARS.

Calendar this now! It is a do-not-miss event. You can choose to:

  • start in Amsterdam for all three pre-Conference tours and Conference, or
  • start in Bremen for the second and third pre-Conference tour and Conference, or
  • start in Bremen for the third pre-Conference tour and Conference, or
  • start in Bremen for the Conference.   

Then you can choose to:

  • finish in Bremen after the Conference or
  • finish in Helsinki after the post-Conference tour.  

That means there are 8 possible combinations ranging from 6 days for just the Conference to 24 days if you do everything: the 3 pre-Conference tours starting in Amsterdam, the Conference, and the post-Conference tour to Finland ending in Helsinki. Depending upon your package choice you will have one of 4 starting dates and cities. You will also have on of 2 dates to finish your package. You are responsible to be at the hotel where the tour starts on the starting date and to make your own reservatons after the finish date.

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Maps of ARS 2018 Tours

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More details will be posted after they are firmed up. Registration is expected to after the ARS Conference in Eureka, California and when details are firmed up. The website for the ARS 2017 Conference in Eureka is

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ARS 2018 Tours PDF and Power Point Presentations

The following PDF and PowePoint presentations describe the Conference and the garden tours. For an overview of the tours and Conference with maps, visit the Home page. For a preview of the garden tours, visit the Gardens page. To see the conference program speakers visit the Speakers page. Note: the pre-tours and post-tour are optional.

Denmark-Sweden Pre-Tour - Bremen - Post-Tour


Denmark-Sweden Pre-Tour Presentation (PowerPoint) (PDF)

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Germany Pre-Tour and Bremen Conference Presentation (PowerPoint) (PDF)

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Finland Post-Tour Presentation (PowerPoint) (PDF)

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