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January 13, 2018, Status Report of registration (PDFs of Status Reports) (List of Registrants)

A woman in the Midwest Chapter from Minnesota would like a roommate for the convention in Bremen which runs from May 20 to May 27. Sharing a room saves about $500 over the single rate. If you are interested, please contact the registrar.

Here is where registration stands on January 13:

Number Registered

People Single Rooms Double Rooms Capacity*
Pre-Tour 1, Holland Max. is 48 41 3 19 40 to 48 people
Pre-Tour 2, Germany 45 3 21 100 people max
Pre-Tour 3, Denmark-Sweden FULL 62 6 28 60 people max
Convention in Bremen, Germany 117 15 51 200 people max
Post-Tour, Finland FULL 45 3 21 25 to 45 people

* When we reach a maximum, we will start wait-listing and wait for any cancellations.

All tours have met their minimums. Pre-Tour 3 and the Post-Tour are full and wait-listed.

Summary: We have 14 from Australia, 18 from Canada, 2 from the Denmark, 3 from Finland, 1 from France, 8 from the Japan, 5 from the New Zealand, 1 from Norway, 2 from the Russia, 4 from the UK, and 61 from the US.

Having trouble with the Electronic Registration?

Go to the online registration form. (http://ars2018.org/registration.php)

Fill out the form in Adobe Reader. Save the form.

Close the form and reopen to make sure all of the fields you filled out are still OK.

Then press "Click Here to Send Electronically.

If this doesn't take you to your email program, it isn't working.

Click here to send email to the registrar and attach the file of the form you saved.

An acknowledgment will be sent after your form is received.

If all else fails, print form, fill out if necessary, scan, and click here to email a copy to the registrar

The pricing and what is included:

The following is the pricing for the optional tours and Convention. Note: the 4 tours are optional, the Convention is not. If you book adjacent tours, there are no gaps. Rooms are priced per person for double occupancy and single occupancy. Registration is offered on a first come, first served basis. There is the possibility that we may get enough reservations to fill all available space. In that case, you will be notified and the possibility of wait-listing will be considered. To avoid problems, get your reservation in early.

The double pricing is based on double rooms with double occupancy. Pricing is per person

For people desiring single rooms with single occupancy, use the single price.

Europeans: IBAN transfers will save you over 5%. Enter IBAN under "Remarks"

The following chart is in Euros .

Payment may be made using a credit card or a check or money order.


* Those on both the German Pre-Tour 2 and the Danish-Swedish Pre-Tour 3 will receive a 70 credit per person double and a 140 credit single for the night of May 13. The Danish-Swedish Pre-Tour 3 starts with an overnight in Bremen on the 13th before leaving for Denmark on the morning of the 14th with a stop at Hachmann's Nursery en route. The duplication of hotel and meals shown in the chart will not actually occur, instead there will be the credit.

Double means per person double occupancy. Single means per person single occupancy.

If choices are not contiguous, you must arrange your own lodging the missing nights.

If you would like travel agent assistance arranging additional lodging or booking your flight, indicate on the registration form under remarks.

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Important Links

Website: http://ars2018.org

Registration: http://ars2018.org/registration.php

Email List: http://ars2018.org/list.php

Email Registrar: registrar@ars2018.org

Steve Henning, ARS 2018 Registrar,

Full Website: ARS2018.org

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