Alert!   Registration Closes, Thu. Mar. 15
All Payments are Due Fri., Mar. 30

If you know anyone interested in going, let them know the deadline is approaching.

Registration is open to everyone. The registration form is on the registration page. Members of other rhododendron or azalea societies are invited to register. For "Chapter" put non-ARS

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Summary of recent updates:

  • 4/1/2017 Full website updated. Email list started.
  • 8/1/2017 Full website updated. Registration will open September 1 for ARS Members only and extend until November 15th. (PDF)
  • 9/1/2017 Daily updates on registration totals was sent out.
  • 9/8/2017 Weekly updates on registration totals was sent out.
  • 9/23/2017 Members of other rhododendron and azalea societies were invited to be wait-listed for registation after November 15th.

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