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ARS 2018 Tours and Convention Registration Information

Early Bird Registration is limited to ARS Members until November 15, 2017.

Update! Registration for ARS-members only will begin on Sept. 1st and extend until Nov. 15th. After Nov. 15th, ARS-members and non-members may register. Tours may be full by then. The registration form will be made available here at on September 1st at 12:01 am.

Download the Conference 4-Page Brochure (PDF)

If you are unable to print the form, a local print shop should be able to help you. The form will also be in the Fall Journal of the ARS. However, that won't be available until around October sometime. The registration form can be filled out on line and emailed to the registrars; or printed, filled out, and mailed or FAXed to the registrars. Upon registering you will receive an acknowledgement of your reservation and the expected billing in Euros which you can also figure out for yourself from this website.

Tours may be cancelled if a minimum is not met or may become full if the maximum is exceeded.

The actual billing will be delayed until we know for sure we have met the minimum number on each tour and you will be notified if we have exceeded the maximum for any tour you have selected. We will wait-list any tour that fills up in case new hotel rooms and bus space is found. We will let you know if there is a gap, that is if a tour is full after your first tour and the convention where you would have to make different plans. In that case, you will have the option to change your reservation. Once you receive your bill, we expect payment within 30 days, but no later than Nov. 15 for early bird (ARS-members only) registration.

All registration will be handled by the North American Registrars.

All registration is being handled by the North American registrars for both North America and Europe and anywhere else in the world. All fees will be charged into Euros. However, we will have a secure online PayPal billing system that will bill the correct amount in your local currency to your credit card. For those unable to make payments online, we have an alternative where we will come up with an amount in your currency and you can mail a check or money order in your currency to the registrars and it will be converted into Euros and deposited into a convention bank account in Euros.

Checks will be held until we are sure space is available.

In case we need to make any refunds, we will hold checks and money orders until we are sure the space is available. We may get back to you, returning your check and asking for a lesser amount if some tours fill up. The convention should not fill up, but some tours may fill up. The minimum is between 40 and 45 for tours. The maximum is about 45 to 50 before we start wait-listing and try to open up more space. If a tour has met or is approaching its maximum, we will post this on the website and to the convention email list.

The pricing and what is included:

The following is the expected pricing for the optional tours and Convention. Note: the 4 tours are optional, the Convention is not. If you book adjacent tours, there are no gaps. Rooms are priced per person for double occupancy and single occupancy. Registration is offered on a first come, first served basis. There is the possibility that we may get enough reservations to fill all available space. In that case, you will be notified and the possibility of wait-listing will be considered. To avoid problems, get your reservation in early.

The double pricing is based on double rooms with double occupancy. Pricing is per person

For people desiring single rooms with single occupancy, use the single price.

The following chart is in Euros €.

Payment will be in Euros € using a credit card, or check or money order in Euros €.

Add all desired

Pre-Tour 1

Pre-Tour 2

Pre-Tour 3

in Bremen



May 7-12

May 12-14


May 20-27

May 27-31

Cost in

1,018 € double
1,325 € single†

292 € double
398 € single†

1,236* € double
1,730* € single†

1,855 € double
2,279 € single†

1,325 € double
1,547 € single†








Amsterdam, Neth.

Bremen, Germany

Bremen, Germany

Bremen, Germany

Bremen, Germany


G=Garden Tours

May  7,            D,H
May  8, B,G,L, D,H
May  9, B,G,L,D,H
May 10,B,G,L,D,H
May 11,B,G,L,D,H
May 12,B,G,L,     

May 12,            H
May 13,B,G,      H
May 14,B,G,L,       

May 13,            H*
May 14,B,G,L,    H
May 15,B,G,L,D,H
May 16,B,G,L,    H
May 17,B,G,L,    H
May 18,B,G,L,    H
May 19,B,G,L,    H
May 20,B,G,L,       

May 20             H
May 21,B,      D,H
May 22,B,S,L,D,H
May 23,B,G,L,D,H
May 24,B,G,L,D,H
May 25,B,S,L,D,H
May 26,B,G,L,D,H
May 27,B,               

Train to Hamburg
Plane to Helsinki

May 27,              H
May 28,B,G,L,D,H
May 29,B,G,L,D,H
May 30,B,G,L,    H
May 31,B,             


Bremen, Germany

Bremen, Germany

Bremen, Germany

Bremen, Germany

Helsinki, Finland

* Those on both the German Pre-Tour 2 and the Danish-Swedish Pre-Tour 3 will receive a 70 € credit per person double and a 140 € credit single for the night of May 13. The Danish-Swedish Pre-Tour 3 starts with an overnight in Bremen on the 13th before leaving for Denmark on the morning of the 14th with a stop at Hachmann's Nursery en route. The duplication of hotel and meals shown in the chart will not actually occur, instead there will be the credit.

† Double means per person double occupancy. Single means per person single occupancy.

†† If choices are not contiguous, you must arrange your own lodging the missing nights.  If you would like
travel agent assistance arranging additional lodging or booking your flight, indicate under remarks.

Included: The meals, activities, and lodging that are included with each tour are listed. Also, see options, gardens, speakers, and hotels for more information.

Couples: Couples and people traveling together may use one form for both travelers.

Roommates: Roommates have the option of registering separately. Just be sure to let us know the name of your roommate.

Singles: Singles may reserve a single room and pay the higher per person fee.

We will assist in finding roommates: If you are willing to share a room, we will send you a list of names of other registrants willing to share.

One Registration Form: Once registration starts, the one page registration form suffices for all tours. It may be filled out on your computer and then either sent electronically to the registrar or printed and mailed or FAXed.

Do Not Put Credit Card Number On Your Form! It requests the name on your credit card, but not the number.

Payment: Within approximately 48 hours you should receive a confirmation and instructions on how to make a secure payment. After your registration is confirmed, payment may be made by credit card either online or by phone or by FAX, or by check or money order in €(Euros). A processing fee will be added for payments made by check.

Cancellation Policy: Get Travel Insurance! Refunds (less fees) will only be made if a replacement is found. The prices are rock bottom, so there is no money for refunds once your choices are paid for. We will gladly let someone else take your place.

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