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P o w e r learning and your life pdf

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Download P.O.W.E.R. Learning and Your Life: Essentials of Student Success Reader

P.O.W.E.R. Learning and Your Life: Essentials of Student Success

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Multiple Choice Questions 1. A good example of a "black hole" that eats up your time is A. In your textbook, a record of how you spend your time, including interruptions, is called A.

A shows the entire college term on one page and includes all assignments and important activities. The time period in which you are most awake and motivated is called A. When you organize your time, you should fill in schedules in the following order: A. Tasks and activities that you need and want to do, rank-ordered from most to least important, are called A. Which of the following is an effective way to deal with procrastination? Focus on the large task.

Break large tasks into small pieces. Avoid working with others. Don't think about the costs and effects of procrastination. Which of the following is NOT an effective way to balance school and work demands?

Make a to-do list for work as well as for school. With your employer's permission, study during slack time at work. Use your lunch hour effectively. Impress your employer by accepting as many new job responsibilities as you can. The first step in improving your time management is to A. Check All That Apply Questions Which behaviors below allow you to take control of your time and follow your intended schedule?

Click all that apply. Handle all communications as they come at you. Prepare for interruptions and crises. Learn when to say no. Do everything you can in the moment. The rest will take care of itself. Which of the following are reasons for checking items off on your to-do list as they are completed?

Which of the following behaviors will help you when you find yourself falling behind in your schedule? The goal of time management is to schedule every moment so that your entire day is planned out. True False. Your master calendar should include your major class assignments and test dates, as well as other important activities from your work and personal life.

The difference between effective time management and time management that doesn't work lies in how well you deal with the inevitable surprises. When identifying priorities, it is best to choose general goals rather than specific activities.

Spending time with your children can not be a priority if you are attending school. Short Answer Questions The text asks you to identify the "black holes" that eat up your time. What is meant by the term "black holes"? List five "black holes" that eat up your time. Briefly explain how you would use a master calendar, a weekly timetable, and a daily todo list, giving examples of what kind of information you would include in each.

The text acknowledges how difficult it can be to balance work and school responsibilities. List three strategies to help you deal with this issue and one that you have discovered to be useful in your own life. A black hole is an interruption that distracts us from our goals and priorities.

A time log is a good way to analyze how you spend your time. Effective time management requires that you align your priorities with how you spend your time.

Starting with the big picture will allow you to avoid scheduling conflicts in the future. Priorities are an essential aspect of time management. People often procrastinate because a task they're seeking to accomplish appears overwhelming. It's important to keep in mind why you're working and not to automatically accept new job responsibilities if they don't fit in with your long-term priorities.

The best way to improve is to figure out what you are currently doing and then alter the behaviors that are not working. X Prepare for interruptions and crises. X it provides an objective record of what you have accomplished on a given day. X it provides you with concrete reinforcement for completing a task. X it helps you determine whether your goals are impossible to attain.

There are few things more satisfying than gazing at a to-do list with a significant number of check marks. X do less. If you are falling behind, you should reassess your priorities in order to be sure you are doing what is most important to you. You may find that you need to do less in order to be more effective.

That would be counter-productive. TRUE It is helpful to keep a master calendar that encompasses your entire life, not just school. TRUE Scheduling free time can make sure you leave time for self-rejuvenation and fun. TRUE Surprises will always arise, but there are effective ways to deal with these disruptions. Examples of black holes will vary for each student. A master calendar shows all the weeks of the term on one page. Information from syllabi, including assignments, test dates, and so on, should be placed on this calendar.

It should also include important activities from your personal life. A weekly timetable depicts all prescheduled activities for the week, including classes, work, and reoccurring appointments. Using the master calendar, you can then add the relevant material for each week.

The daily todo list, written just one day ahead of time, should list all of the tasks that need to get accomplished the next day, along with the priority for each item. Break large tasks into smaller ones, start with the easiest part of task, work with others, and think about the costs of procrastination.

Strategies could include making to-do lists for work and school, studying while on the job if possible , using lunch time effectively, scheduling flexible hours, accepting new responsibilities at work with care, and keeping in mind why you are working.

Test bank for p o w e r learning strategies for success in college and life 6th edition by feldman Full clear download no error formatting See More. To figure out the bestuse of your time, you need to determine your A. True False It is important to schedule free time on your master calendar. It is best to prepare a daily to-do list several days in advance.

Describe three ways you can combat procrastination. X X Do everything you can in the moment. There are many ways to take control of your time. X do more. X relax and enjoy your personal life. Published on Mar 18, Go explore.

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Download P.O.W.E.R. Learning and Your Life: Essentials of Student Success Reader

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P.O.W.E.R. Learning and Your Life: Essentials of Student Success

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Multiple Choice Questions 1.


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Download PDF Read online. Learning is the only research-based series with a unifying system for critical thinking and problem solving. Learning and Your Life utilizes this framework to maximize students' potential for success in college and life by addressing a diverse student population with real-world examples and applications in the context of the students career. Using this scientifically-based, yet simple and class-tested principles of the P. Prepare, Organize, Work, Evaluate, and Rethink system, students gain a sense of mastery and achievement as they move through the text; with the growth of their.


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