nervous system and sensory organs thieme pdf

Nervous system and sensory organs thieme pdf

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Year 1. Semester 1 Fall. Final Control: Credit. Semester 2 Spring. Year 2. Semester 3 Fall. Final Control: Exam. The course allows students to acquire knowledge on the morphofunctional organization of the human body, its systems and organs in development during ontogenesis sufficient to study other biomedical and clinical disciplines and further work in the field of practical medicine.

Pirogov Medical University. Anatomy Module 4. Digestive system. Materials for colloquium preparation. Anatomy Module 5. Respiratory system. Genitourinary apparatus. Anatomy Module 6. Central nervous system. Anatomy Module 7. Cranial nerves. Anatomy Module 8. Peripheral nervous system. Anatomy Module 9.

Cardiovascular system. Textbook of human anatomy: for medical students : in 2 vol. Sapin, L. Kolesnikov, D. Nikitjuk ; ed. Agency, Availability: University Library Color atlas of human anatomy : in 3 vol. Fitsch, W. Drake, A. Wayne Vogl, A. Mitchel: R. Tibbitts, P. Philadelphia PA : Elsevier, Loukas, R. Tubbs, P.

Abrahams, S. Gayvoronsky, A. Kurtseva , M. Gayvoronskaya , G. Nichiporuk: SpecLit, ISBN Connect With Us. Some vector graphics in our website is designed by Freepik [www.

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Theime Medical Publishers: Stuttgart, Germany. ISBN: Paperback First published in Germany in , it filled a void and created a niche for itself in the ocean of medical study aids saturated with wordy textbooks, clumsy atlases, and oversimplified handbooks. Since then, its content has undergone 10 revisions in German and six in English to reflect a rapidly expanding knowledge base. The newest edition also contains pages of color plates by Gerhard Spitzer. The atlas features a wide variety of illustrations, including anatomically accurate drawings, color-coded schematics, histological slides, sketches of patients, experimental setups, and computed tomography slices.

Year 1. Semester 1 Fall. Final Control: Credit. Semester 2 Spring. Year 2.

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Ninth edition. New Search. Print course syllabus pdf. Course syllabus for Nervous system: Structure and Function, 7.


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