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Application of jig and fixture pdf

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Why Jigs and Fixtures are used?

Jigs and Fixtures - Applications and Difference Between Jigs and Fixture

Jigs and Fixtures: Types, Parts, Advantages, Applications and more.

In simple terms, the jig is a tool that guides the cutting or machining tool.

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Show all documents It is not important neither the design of jig and fixture is simple nor complex but the most important thing is the design follow the specification which is the milling machine needed. Besides, this project shall concern with the basic rules for locating, such as positioning the locators, part tolerance, fool proofing and duplicate location.

Also the basic rules of clamping, including positioning the clamps, tool forces, clamping forces and type of clamps selected. The other method is the basic construction principles, such as tool bodies, preformed material and fastening devices. In order to complete this project, the initial design of jig and fixture for milling machine cylindrical parts need to explore and analyzed, generate a detailed drawing with assembly of jig and fixture proposed and provides alternatives material recommended.

The discussion in this project is restricted to the milling machine cylindrical parts. In general, my project must be presented and finally produce a new product of jig and fixture for milling machine purpose-built.

Factors affecting project management of jig and fixture manufacturer in South Johor, Malaysia It has been found that project management performance of manufacturer might vary according to the factor affecting project management.

Accordingly, the contingency relationship found in prior research need to be examined to determine whether it also influence to the jig and fixture manufacturer or not since study on this area have not been conducted yet.

Design of Drill Jig and Milling Fixture for the Component Button Lock Jigs and fixtures are designed to hold, support and locate the work pieces to ensure that each part is machined within the specified limit. Use of jigs and fixtures provides a faster and more profitable method of manufacturing in which components can be quickly positioned in the correct relationship to the cutting tool.

It is a device which locates and holds the component for a specific operation. It does not guide the cutting tool. It is a work holding device that holds supports and locates the work piece for a specific operation but does not guide the cutting tool. It provides only a reference surface or a device. What makes a fixture unique is that each one is built to fit a particular part or shape. The main purpose of a fixture is to locate and, in some cases, hold a work piece during either a machining operation or some other industrial process.

A jig differs from a fixture in that as it guides the tool to its correct position in addition to locating and supporting the work piece. It is a device which is used to hold and position the work piece. In addition, it provides some means for guiding the cutting tool. A Jigs primary purpose is to provide repeatability, accuracy, and inter-changeability in the manufacturing of products.

A jig is often confused with a fixture ; a fixture holds the work in a fixed location. A device that does both functions holding the work and guiding a tool is called a jig. A considerable amount of tooling is the result of work performed by the tool designer. Tooling, as viewed by the tool designer, consists of a vast array of cutting device, jigs, fixtures, dies, gages, etc. The type of production will determine to a large extent the type of tooling.

In present competitive market, it is necessary to produce a product at economical rate. For moderate rate, one has to reduce material cost, labour cost and overheads of the industry.

So, any manufacturing industry working with Men, Material, Machine and Methods intends to reduce the Breakdown, Rejection, and Defects occurring to a minimal level in order to enhance its productivity. When the manufacturing operation of different components were studied, it was found that, in manufacturing operation of Nut Steering Knuckle, company was facing average This resulted in financial loss and increased manufacturing lead time.

The defective components were found in heat treatment, blackening process, thread milling process and also due to existing fixture clamping method. The heat treatment process accounts for maximum A fixture is used for locates, holds, and supports the work securely so the required machining. Another tool such as set blocks and feeler or thickness gauges are need used with fixtures as reference the cutter to the workpiece Hoff man, There are many types of jigs, every type is custom made to do a specific job.

Many jigs are created because there is a necessity to do so by the tradesmen. Some are made to increase productivity through consistency, to do repetitive activities or to do a job more precisely Hoff man, Chapter one 1 introduced about the basic theory, problem encounter, and the content of the thesis and also the main objective of doing the thesis.

With good references, an overview comprising history, classification and applications progressively introduce the idea behind the technology. Then is chapter three 3 , methodology is to inform the process flow. After that, is chapter four 4 will perform how to create the catalog.

The phase of design will show in this chapter. Then go to the chapter five 5 , where the results from modular jig and fixture design will performed and assembly the product with jig and fixture by using CATIA. Besides that, also show the simulation. It includes summary of research form this project. The chapter six 6 is to discuss the problem for the project and the advantages of this development and the chapter seven 7 is recommendation and conclusion will explain in the end of this chapter.

Base plate is been fixed and load of N has applied on angle plate. Boundary conditions and load location in the angle plate assembly are applied. This paper presents the capability of 3D solid model in assissting the fabrication process in development and improvement a real product innovation.

The result shows that the application of jig and fixture have the reduced damage on piston pin, connecting rod and piston head surfaces. These jigs and fixture are used at main assembly line to assemble the engine components. The experiments also conducted on the locator pins custom made jig between mild steel and aluminum. It is found that the wear progressily generate on aluminum pin locater compare to mild steel.

The result is obtained from experiment conducted. The maximum stress is observed at base plate and RH, LH blocks of clamps at the back side of angle plate. Designing and Fabrication of Fixtures for Masking in Electrocoating A Fixture differs from a jig in that when a fixture is used. The tool must move relative to the work piece ;the jig moves the piece while the tool remains stationary. When a few parts are to be machined , work piece clamp to the machine table without using fixture in many machining operation.

The fixture is generally used for holding hand locating the work. Design and analysis on hydraulic press fixure for the rear wheel hub raceways fitment Abstract:- In the content of the advanced technology engineers and scientists have visualized and conceptualized many designs and success of their designs and concepts is the materialization of their designs. In short it can be said that production and manufacturing units consummate the design process.

Thus the Industry which gives shape and theoretical design is a very potential and influential element in the Technology development. The main objective of using Jigs and fixtures in an industry is to achieve the Interchangeable part concept, and these are mainly used where production of goods is on large scale. The basic elements in the design of Hydraulic press jig is component model, location , oreintation and Clamping has been done on the base plate.

The scope of this project is to design a Hydraulic press jig For a component to hold the rear wheel hub of SXJ vehicle or LCV light commercial vehicle to fit The raceway or the collars into the wheel inner hub by using the hydraulic force.

While designing this work, a better number of literature and titles written on the subject by well-known authors are bring up. All outcomes and conclusions gained from the literature review and the interaction with fixture designers are used as guide to design the current research work.

N and Ramesh Babu. K, Design and Development of the Jig and Automated system for Drilling Operation on Slack Adjuster P a g e After implementation of Automated system it is observed that there is reduction in human efforts. Productivity is increased by proper time study and line balancing. After successful implementation of above, company is now able to take more job orders of slack adjuster. There is much reduction in cycle time with improved accuracy and productivity.

Now one person can handle two machines due to this there is reduction in labour cost and the overall effect of this is nothing but increase in profit of company. While machining under arduous conditions and particularly in mass production, the use of a jig and a fixture is proven to be a viable solution to reduce the fatigue of workers, provide high strength, increases accuracy and easy interchangeability whenever required.

In the case of planet carrier, its peculiar design has not yet inspired designers to design and manufacture a fixture whilst it is still in machining. This paper defines the need and the requirements that are to be instilled in the fixture for a planet carrier and in culmination, this fixture will decreasecycle time required for loading and unloading of a part, escalates production rate, reduces accidents, will be highly versatile and reliable and most importantly, decreases the cost of production.

To analyze the motorcycle adjusting rim jig using dial gauge techniques. It consists of two linear motions and one rotational motion. This concept is used to place the rotational features as base activities.

It is controlled by the spring type lock by rotating through handle. The linear motions are controlled by stepper motor. The stepper motor is running continuously and it can stop at any point by manual operation. In this design, the flat surface object can only place to measure.

Properties of the proposed fixture 3 are as follows:. Design and Analysis of Fixture for Component Cradle in HMC Now a day, the small scale industries are trying to increase the demand of the product and increase the mass production.

To meet these challenges it has become very important for companies to increase their production rate. The successful running of any mass production depends upon the interchangeability of the work parts to facilitate easy assembly and reduction of unit cost. Mass production demands a fast and easy method of positioning work for accurate operation on it. The main intention of any company is to provide good quality product and increase in production rate in order to get profit over it.

This can be achieved by minimizing manufacturing lead time and cost of production by using work holding guiding device. This work holding device is fixture. Fixture word is derived from latin word which means fixed or attached. Design of Jig for Multihead Drilling Machine Over the past decades, manufacturing has made considerable progress. Different new machine tools, High- performance cutting tools and modern manufacturing processes are used in today's modern industries to make parts faster and better than ever before.

Mass production has a demand of fast and easy method of positioning work for accurate operations on it. Jigs are production tools used to manufacture duplicate and interchangeable parts.

Why Jigs and Fixtures are used?

Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. March 21, February 8, Admin 0 Comments clamping devices , machining. Sharing is Caring : -. Today we will discuss about what are Jigs and Fixture, working, advantages and also difference between them. Before discussing about it first you should learn the concept of Jigs and Fixtures.

The state of the art in the technology of jigs and fixtures is reviewed. Heuristic and analytical principles of jig and fixture design are summarised. An interactive knowledge-based program for assisting designers of jigs and fixtures is described. The program incorporates design principles in the form of explicity declared facts and rules as well as numerical procedures. The declarative part of the program is implemented in an expert system shell with a powerful inference engine and comprehensive explanation and trace facilities. Details of these are given, together with a simplified example of a design session using the program.

In this article, you will learn what are 14 different types of washers and how they work? Enables the production of identical parts which are interchangeable. You can The cost is less as compared with the jigs. Both the jigs and the fixtures are used to reduce the nonproductive time of any mass production process. It enables the production of identical parts which are interchangeable.

Jigs and Fixtures - Applications and Difference Between Jigs and Fixture

In this post. And also you can download the PDF file of this post. Against this, a capstan and turret lathe can be easily adapted for repetition work on account of the multi-cooling arrangement and use of transverse stop this increases the rate of production.

Jigs and Fixtures are two critical instruments used widely for precise manufacturing and quality inspection of parts. Often we are confused between the two. At the end of the article there will be a link to download the jigs and Fixtures PDF for your future reference.

Jigs and Fixtures: Types, Parts, Advantages, Applications and more.

Other operations, however, such as assembly, inspection, testing, and layout, are also areas where work holding devices are well suited. Figure shows a list of the more-common classifications and applications of jigs and fixtures used for manufacturing. There are many distinct variations within each general classification, and many work holders are actually combinations of two or more of the classifications shown. Depicted in Figure , these workholders combine ideas and elements of permanent and general-purpose workholding.

Show all documents It is not important neither the design of jig and fixture is simple nor complex but the most important thing is the design follow the specification which is the milling machine needed. Besides, this project shall concern with the basic rules for locating, such as positioning the locators, part tolerance, fool proofing and duplicate location. Also the basic rules of clamping, including positioning the clamps, tool forces, clamping forces and type of clamps selected. The other method is the basic construction principles, such as tool bodies, preformed material and fastening devices.

Jigs and Fixture : Working, advantages and Differences


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