a companion to old norse icelandic literature and culture pdf

A companion to old norse icelandic literature and culture pdf

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Toronto Old Norse-Icelandic Series TONIS This series aims to promote and encourage the publication of important monographs, collections of essays, translations, and other ancillary works to serve a range of scholars, students, and general readers in the field of Old Norse and Icelandic studies. This volume focuses on Icelandic devotional poetry created during the early modern period. This text introduces the modern reader to the daily lives and material culture of the Vikings.

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Quick jump to page content. Home Archives Vol. Published: Jan 15, In this essay, I would like to survey his career in Copenhagen and Oxford as an editor of Old Norse Icelandic texts and the legacy that he has left to his successors in the field of Old Norse studies. Downloads Download data is not yet available. References Andersson, T. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.

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Wiley Online Library Sample Chapter. This major survey of Old Norse-Icelandic literature and culture demonstrates the remarkable continuity of Icelandic language and culture from medieval to modern times. This major survey of Old Norse-Icelandic literature and culture comprises 29 chapters written by leading scholars in the field, over a third of whom are Icelanders. At the same time, it conveys a sense of the mainland Scandinavian origins of the Icelandic people, and reflects the ongoing contact between Iceland and other countries and cultures. The volume highlights current debates among Old Norse-Icelandic scholars specializing in different aspects of the subject. Coverage of traditional topics is complemented by material on previously neglected areas of study, such as the sagas of Icelandic bishops and the translated knights' sagas.


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A Companion to Old Norse-Icelandic Litera ture and Culture Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture This series offers comprehensive, newly written surveys of key periods and movements and certain major authors, in English literary culture and history. Extensive volumes provide new perspectives and positions on contexts and on canonical and post- canonical texts, orientating the beginning student in new fields of study and provid- ing the experienced undergraduate and new graduate with current and new directions, as pioneered and developed by leading scholars in the field. All rights reserved.

A Companion to Old Norse-Icelandic Literature and Culture

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