feelings and needs cards pdf

Feelings and needs cards pdf

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Please find additional NVC resources here. Grok cards ,. Universal Needs Geometry. Printable RachelleLamb. Naturalizing the Language of NVC 10 pages via gift economy. Earlier NVC Model 1. Translating Faux Feelings.

Are you feeling anxious, optimistic, confused, or content? GROK products can help you identify and understand your emotions. This can lead you to discover your needs and values and open up new insights, actions and choices. We wish you a joyful and transformative !!! Jean, Christine, and Claire. We ship within 7 business days of receipt of your order. If you need to receive it sooner, please email us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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The things that have been causing me tension lately are… 3. The feelings I want to experience more of in life include… 5. Feelings included in these activities: happy, sad, angry, tired, and afraid. How do you feel today? This page has nine faces for happy, sad, silly, worried, angry, tired, shy, bored, and confused.

Printable pdf of NVC Process which can be folded and carried with you Needs List · Needs Cards in many Languages FEELINGS & NEEDS CARD GAMES.

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In a preschool classroom, some of the 3- and 4-year-old children smile, laugh, and giggle during free play; are curious about what happens next during story time; ask what and why questions while doing hands-on activities; and use words to express feelings and needs. In the toy area, Tom and Juan both reach for a small blue car. What a great way to play together! Tom, Juan, and their classmates are a model of social and emotional health in preschool.

The Empathy Set comprises two sets of cards: 56 feelings cards and 56 needs cards. Together, they are a powerful communication tool that support empathy and emotional intelligence — and so relational harmony. As the late Marshall Rosenberg, of Non Violent Communication fame would say, "empathy is demonstrating an understanding of another's feelings and needs!

Freely Downloadable Resources

Articles are in pdf format and will open in another tab. This April interview covers her perspectives on keeping NVC alive in our daily lives, working with incarcerated learners, as well as educators from war torn regions. Listen to the interview HERE. For a nominal fee, you will gain access to recordings and transcriptions of all the interviews. This set of cards is comprised of two decks, a feelings deck and a needs deck These can be downloaded and printed on regular paper or card stock. Please consider non-tree or high post-consumer content recycled paper.

The feeling posters can be used in a variety of ways to help children learn social emotional skills around use of emotional literacy and vocabulary. Attached is a poster with children expressing different emotions. Learn words for common emotions and feelings like angry, sick, tired, and more. Each card includes a graphic and word for the feeling.

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