advantages and disadvantages of work life balance pdf

Advantages and disadvantages of work life balance pdf

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What does a healthy work-life balance entail?

Promote healthy work-life balance in your business

What is the work-life balance all about?

A work-life balance is a balancing act.

What does a healthy work-life balance entail?

For each person the work-life balance definition may change. It depends upon how they have self-defined their goals and their state of well-being so that they can handle multiple responsibilities at home, work and society without getting stressed mentally and physically. Once the employer is able to bring in work-life balance in the organization, it has lot of advantages like reducing stress, attracting new employees, retaining current employees, trust and strong.

Moreover, the employers also get plenty of time to plan for covering the absence with the help of this structured working. The businesses can even retain and recruit employees that have childcare responsibilities easily due to term time working. This would prove beneficial in overcoming skill shortage for some particular projects. Furthermore, this flexible working would assist in increasing the level of employee morale and commitment.

This would help employee in managing their personal responsibilities and job duty. Work life balance can be achieved by realigning work time with leisure time Tripathy, This can be done by allowing employees to have time off to spend with their family, have enough time to complete work tasks as well as allowing down time and implementing initiatives that bring families together Tripathy, For example, companies can offer facilities within the organisation such as a gym, entertainment section with a pool table and coffee places so that employees can step away from work when they become overwhelmed Tripathy, Having these resources available to employees, reduces consistent long working hours to refresh the mind as they are allowed to use these resources whenever they feel a break or a step back is necessary Tripathy, Sometimes, there are family commitments and work-family conflict that forced the employees to rearrange their work schedule which indirectly impact their work performance.

It is proven that job flexibility are able to reduce work-family conflict Hill et al. Employers will soon look out for results rather than time spent on a job as the measures of productivity and offer less conservative way while working to keep their capable.

Poor mental health outcomes are associated with precarious employment e. Workers who perceive work insecurity experience significant adverse effects on their physical and mental health Ferrie et al.

Some actions need to be carried out to improve the employability and also working conditions in low-status work. Abstract The insight one can gain through the value of mutual support among colleagues and foster work-life balance was very influential on the importance of making time for both family and work.

According to Evans , work-life balance comes when a person decides to engage and satisfy both work and personal life equally. An individual may only obtain balance with proper time management and involvement p. The commitment to achieving work-life balance deals with the need for balance in life Tajlili, , p. They perform work in exchange for monetary rewards, for example a salary, and non monetary rewards, for example psychological fulfillment.

As the work environment changes, with the internationalization of business, new technologies, and new organizational practices, so does the nature of work. Today, there is no doubt that happiness at the workplace is important to the employees but to the employers as well Fisher, UK essays, The advantages and disadvantages for employer are showed in the next table: Applying to Spiru Haret University,.

Abstract The interrelation of work and commitments in life and their impact on the other is Work Life Balance. While trying their level best to maximise the efforts to achieve the set goals, academicians and others struggle to strike a balance between their work and other family and societal responsibilities. An ideal work life balance is a myth. Everyone being different, having different circumstances to deal with setting or establishing perfect way to have a work life balance is not the objective of this paper.

Previous research on this topic has proven that men and women both prefer to work in organizations that support a healthy work life balance. Great managers know exactly how to bring out the very best of their employees by understanding what do they do best and what is their weaknesses. What is work life balance? Work life balance is the key to battle stress, guaranteeing both individual and organizational achievement. The stress that is caused by an unbalanced work life is costly; it decreases productivity and escalates individual health threats.

Everyone always has more than one role to play in their lives. They need to also look after themselves in terms of their physical health and mental well-being. It comes to no surprise that attaining balance between all of these urgencies can be very tough and challenging. Another benefit of flexible working to the employers is the fact that flexible working programs offer a way for organizations to increase employee loyalty without the need to make major changes in their management and operations.

It has been proven that most convenient and famous flexible work options are the ones that involve the least amount of change Sheley This may be because they are able to enable the mishmash of paid work with other activities. If you look at it in the long term, it would definitely further bring down the absenteeism rate by improving workers health. For example, his happens through the decreased amount of stress and developed job satisfaction.

This would be a significant effect for superintendents and present a business case for adaptable working time courses of action, as non-attendance is exorbitant for both firms and society all in all Possenriede, Last but not least, the other benefit of implementing flexible working is that the company would be indirectly motivating their workers. Employees who have their jobs or tasks personalized to meet their personal needs is most likely to be more motivated Web Hires Limited, When workers get to customize their job based on their individual needs, they would be more comfortable with what they do.

This automatically would give them happiness and boost their motivation to get their work. Show More. Read More. Related Topics. Open Document.

Promote healthy work-life balance in your business

Whether the flexible work schedule involves compressing work days, flexible daily hours, or telecommuting, challenges exist for the employer and the employee. These challenges multiplied in the spring of as unheard of numbers of employees, for reasons of safety, started working remotely from home. With flexible work schedules, employees stand to experience a good number of benefits. One that many workers point to first is the flexibility to meet family needs , personal obligations, and life responsibilities conveniently. If you have a flexible schedule, you can go to a parent-teacher conference during the day, take a yoga class, or wait at home until the washing machine repair person comes. Flexible work configurations allow employees to work when they accomplish most, feel freshest, and enjoy working. Many managers feel that early birds are hard workers and night owls are slackers.

What is the work-life balance all about?

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For an employee, the benefits are simple and work flexibility is the holy grail. While you want to keep your workers happy where possible, you also worry about losing out on productivity, about losing track of what people are actually doing, and about the disintegration of team dynamics. When working out your answer, it can help to weigh each pro and con individually.


So, you have read much about the benefits of work-life balance. The intention of this article is not to make any negative claims against work-life balance but to merely address the other side of the argument so you may think of the concept more objectively. In other words, develop a system where an individual is able to carry out their work responsibilities without sacrificing their personal goals. Image : shutterstock. There are various types of work-life balance initiatives an employer can make. It can range from something as simple as allowing telecommutes or work-from-home options to offering training programs, child care services, time-off for following hobbies and more. To keep things simple, we will concentrate on the more popular aspects of work life balance offered by employers today.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Work Life Balance Social Work Essay Paper

While some careers allow a relaxed relationship between work and private life, many others demand significant reductions in the area of leisure and family. According to Statista , the United States ranks 30 th amongst countries with the best work-life balance.


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