change your mind and your life will follow pdf

Change your mind and your life will follow pdf

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Change Your Mind - Change Your Life

On The Genealogy of Morals

Stumbling on Happiness

I used to read very little in school. Once I discovered the business and self-help genre I started devouring books. I wrote an article on why you should read every day and how to do it.

Change Your Mind - Change Your Life

My favorite moments reading non-fiction are when a book bitchslaps my brain and reconfigures my entire understanding of reality and my place within it. Lots of non-fiction. And my favorite moments reading non-fiction are when a book bitchslaps my brain and reconfigures my entire understanding of reality and my place within it.

I get a lot of emails asking me for book recommendations. Gilbert is a famous Harvard psychologist who has a knack for coming up with zany experiments that show just how flawed and biased the human mind is. In the book, he shows you time and again that as humans, we inaccurately judge, among other things, what made us happy in the past, what will make us happy in the future, and even what is making us happy right at this moment.

Read This Book If… …you enjoy Harvard professors who reference The Beatles in every chapter and make jokes about quadriplegics. On The Genealogy of Morals , perhaps his shortest and most influential work, was starkest of all. In three essays totaling around pages, he lays out the following:. Bonus Points For: Claiming that the weak people had to invent God so that they could believe their suffering actually meant something.

Nietzsche was a pretty hardcore dude. Taleb has a handful of amazing ideas. These ideas can be explained well in about 50 pages. The other pages are mostly him trying to prove how cool and cultured he is while explaining how much smarter he is than the following groups of people: academics, politicians, Nobel Prize winners, Wall Street analysts, economists, journalists, statisticians, historians, soccer moms, teachers, anybody who uses the bell curve, anybody in the social sciences, and anyone who disagrees with him.

So what are his handful of earth-shattering ideas in Antifragile? The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better. Bonus Points For: Being a totally insufferable asshole. And wrong about tons of his analogies and examples. But still brilliant somehow, despite himself.

If This Book Could Be Summarized in An Image, That Image Would Be: Some fat, rich bald guy boring you to death over cappuccinos with inane stories about living in France and smoking skinny cigarettes with Umberto Eco while you stab yourself in the face with a sugar spoon repeatedly trying to make it all stop.

See below. Freedom of choice places the whole blame of failure on the shoulders of the individual. And as freedom encourages a multiplicity of attempts, it unavoidably multiplies failure. Read This Book If… …you want to know why people give up their identities for some insane cause. He had invented psychoanalysis, brought the science of psychology to the mainstream, and was highly regarded in intellectual circles around Europe. Then World War I broke out, and destroyed, well, just about everything.

Freud was deeply moved by the devastation and fell into a deep depression and secluded himself for much of the s. Civilization and Its Discontents was the result of this depression.

The book makes one simple argument: that humans have deep, animalistic instincts to eat, kill, or fuck everything. Freud argued that civilization could only arise when enough humans learned to repress these deeper and baser urges, to push them into the unconscious where according to his model they would fester and ultimately generate all sorts of neuroses. Freud basically came to the conclusion that as humans, we had one of two shitty options in life: 1 repress all of our basic instincts to maintain some semblance of a safe and cooperative civilization, thus making ourselves miserable and neurotic or 2 to let them all out and let shit hit the fan.

And as an Austrian Jew, he ran for the hills. The hills being London, of course. He lived out the last years of his life in a city being bombed into oblivion. And doing it convincingly. He then argues that because of this, in the year all of our brains are going to be digitally encrypted and uploaded to the cloud where we will all form a single, immortal consciousness that will control all computing power on the planet.

And the fucked up part is that some of his explanation of how this is going to happen makes sense. And the book reads like it was written by a middle-aged engineer who took too much acid and now desperately needs to speak with a therapist. I poke fun at Ray, but the technological possibilities presented in this book are truly mind-boggling.

And we will undoubtedly see a significant percentage of them in our lifetime. Medical nanobots that live in the bloodstream that we wireless upload vaccines to. Genetic programming for newborns so parents can choose not only the physical characteristics of their children but their talents as well. The whole immortality, one-computerized-world-consciousness thing? For unenhanced humans, clearly so. But what would 1, scientists, each 1, times more intelligent than human scientists today, and each operating 1, times faster than contemporary humans because the information processing in their primarily non-biological brains is faster accomplish?

One chronological year would be like a millennium for them. What would they come up with? Bonus Points For: Delusional optimism to the point where you kind of feel bad for the guy and how scared he is of dying.

Read This Book If… …you are a geek, plain and simple. Because man is the only animal capable of conceptualizing his own existence — thinking about his life, questioning it , imagining future possibilities — man is therefore also the only animal capable of conceptualizing his own non-existence, i. In other words, humans were given the gift of being able to imagine the future and who we want to be, but the price we pay for this gift is the realization that we will one day die.

Neither does a fish. Or a roach. But we do. The idea is ludicrous, if it is not monstrous. It means to know that one is food for worms. This is the terror: to have emerged from nothing, to have a name, consciousness of self, deep inner feelings, an excruciating inner yearning for life and self-expression and with all this yet to die.

It seems like a hoax, which is why one type of cultural man rebels openly against the idea of God. What kind of deity would create such a complex and fancy worm food? Bonus Points For: Making you contemplate your own non-existence and kind of making you feel okay about it. Well, I put together a list of over of the best books to read , organized by topic. You should check it out, along with my all-time recommended reading list.

You can opt out at any time. See my privacy policy. Learn about the idea that transformed a depressed deadbeat into one of the most important philosophers who ever lived.

Read about it in my free page ebook. I love that. Because The Strong won their greater power and influence through outsmarting or outperforming others, they will come to adopt ethical beliefs that justify their position: that might makes right, that they are entitled to their privileged position, that they earned what is theirs.

He also believed that Slave Morality is just as capable of corrupting and oppressing a society as Master Morality. He used Christianity as his primary example of this. That due to the exponential scaling of technology , Black Swan events are becoming more common and influential than ever before. No, seriously. Couch is over there, Ray. As Neo once said:. Too unhappy? Your brain will come up with explanations to make you feel OK again. Too happy? Your brain will start to feel entitled and unsatisfied again.

Sucks, huh? Although this too was probably untrue. Join my newsletter and get a free ebook "3 Ideas to Change Your Life". Privacy Policy Close: Don't show this again. Here Are 3 Ideas That Could Change Your Life Learn about the idea that transformed a depressed deadbeat into one of the most important philosophers who ever lived.

On The Genealogy of Morals

Books on self improvement, creative visualization and the law of attraction, affirmations, focus, inner strength and inner peace, written by Remez Sasson, the author and creator of SuccessConsciousness. Then, read this eBook, and learn how to:. Our unique books have changed the lives of thousands of people all over the world. If you are looking for self improvement books, books on inner peace and mental mastery, and books on affirmations, the law of attraction and creative visualization, you have come to the right place. Home Our Books Contact. The books are in PDF eBook format. You will be able to download them immediately after purchase.

He has amassed neuroscientific research in an effort to convince us that in order to positively change our lives, we need to care about our brains and mental capacity, especially getting the negative stuff out! Amen explains that thoughts really do matter. Thoughts are real, and they have a real impact on how you feel and how you behave. He warns about problematic thoughts—thinking in terms of always, never, should, must and have to, as well as blaming, guilt, personalizing, and mind-reading tendencies. Like the book Taming your Gremlins by Richard David Carson, Amen recommends catching your harmful thoughts, writing them down and talking back to them. In other words, stand up to your crap talk! He recommends developing a list of short and long term goals as well as establishing goals for relationships, work or career, money, and balance of body, mind and spirit.

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Stumbling on Happiness

My favorite moments reading non-fiction are when a book bitchslaps my brain and reconfigures my entire understanding of reality and my place within it. Lots of non-fiction. And my favorite moments reading non-fiction are when a book bitchslaps my brain and reconfigures my entire understanding of reality and my place within it. I get a lot of emails asking me for book recommendations.

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