school mapping and micro planning in education pdf

School mapping and micro planning in education pdf

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School mapping and GIS

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Authors: Dan Zhao, Bruno Parolin. Merged or Unmerged School? The increasingly long road to school in rural China: the impacts of education network consolidation on broadly defined schooling distance in Xinfeng County of rural China. Improving learning by improving vision: evidence from two randomized controlled trials of providing vision care in China. A cost-benefit analysis of school regionalization in Massachusetts.

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Have you ever shot a bow think Katniss in The Hunger Games? Sure, you need to grip the bow the right way. Yes, you need to make sure you draw the string hard. But unless you keep your eye on the target, none of that is going to matter. When it comes to your agency, a similar principle can be put into play. Is making a day-to-day schedule to get the work done important? Do you need to plan out tasks for your employees?

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: The study was done in Kigoma district council. The general objective was to probe the role of school mapping and micro planning in educational development. Specific objectives were: Assessment of implementation process, examination of the educational development achievements and determining challenges of implementing school mapping and micro-planning. Survey research design, qualitative and quantitative research approaches were employed.

We think you have liked this presentation. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Thank you! Published by Modified over 5 years ago. School Mapping is defined as A set of techniques and procedures used: To plan the demand for schools at the local level; To support decision-making on the planning ,policy formulation, resource allocation and prioritization of future school development. Components of School Mapping: Database planning and evaluation for prioritization of school development which include the BEIS and the results of the school assessment form; GIS mapping and database management which includes all thematic maps that will be generated on the systems the will be developed; Capacity building of DepED Regional Offices, Division Offices and LGUs under decentralization of education management.

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Muhammad Majid Sabir. The main focus of this qualitative study is to address the prevailing situation of school mapping at provincial level of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and its twenty four districts to diagnose the major factors of the reluctances by the educational planners and more specifically to ascertain why its importance is not realized in Educational Management Information System EMIS. Data were collected by means of interviews with provincial EMIS managers and Executive District Officers; and by means of telephone conversations from the rest of eight districts. The uniqueness of this study is that the results show that planners at Provincial and District levels are aware of the importance of school-mapping although vital efforts have not been made to use it as an instrument in planning. DOI:

Module I s School mapping and micro-planning - concepts and processes. Module II ; Diagnosis of the educational system at the local level. Module III ; Estimating demand s demography and enrol- ment projections. Module IV presents methods of preparing the prospective map, the data and criteria used and the stages to be gone through in preparing proposals for re-organizing the educational system ; Module V concludes the series by indicating the procedures to be followed in introducing school mapping and in ex- tending it to cover the whole country. If you have high-level central or regional responsibility for education, Module I will suffice to give you general information on what the school map is, on its objectives and on its preparation. If you wish to introduce it in your country or if you have to parti- cipate in establishing it, Module V will also undoubtedly interest you. If you are a teacher, or head of a school or a subject department, perhaps you have already been concerned - or will be shortly - with steps taken in connexion with the school map.

Primary education in India is predominantly funded and managed by the government. Over a period of time it is noticed that certain areas are more endowed with school facilities than other areas. The major question answered by the school mapping exercise is where to locate educational facilities. Location of educational facilities depends on the norms and standards developed by the public authorities. Even within the norms and standards, many geographical areas may be eligible for opening of new schools. School mapping technique helps us to identify the most appropriate location of schools or their alternatives so that more number of children can be benefited from the same level of investment.


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School mapping and GIS

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The Difference In Macro And Micro-Planning


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    Request PDF | On Jul 31, , Kessy Baltazar John and others published School Mapping and Micro-Planning in Educational Development.

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    ISSN 1. School mapping in education micro-planning: a case study of Union Council Chak 84/15L, District Khanewal, Pakistan. Tayyab I. Shah.

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    Introduction - 3 - - techniques for preparing the secondary school map: regional education officers will be in charge of planning the large expansion.


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